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No One Wants to Cut Back on Food Costs, but It Can Be One of the Best Ways to Save

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The Wall Street Journal reports that 50% of people do not budget their expenses at all, and one in five people has no idea how much money they are actually spending each month. When funds get tight, it is clear that we know very little about how to manage our money. Family budgets are more important than ever, with filing for bankruptcy and debt on the rise. If you have kids who you intend to send off to college, then it is doubly important to be saving money.

Budget ideas for families run the gamut of cheap stay-cation ideas, how to save money when shopping for clothes, and how to cut back on utilities. However, when it comes to family budgeting, one area that everyone in the family can help to save money in, is food. Here are three tips to help your family better budget food costs.

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