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Need Urgent Cash? Sell a Portion of Your Annuity Payments to the Right Company

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Selling an annuity settlement

Have you always wanted to start your very own business, but have never been able to get your grand idea off the ground because you did not have the initial seed money? Have you need in debt for a while and are looking for a way to pay off your dues and get your credit rating back to where it should be? Have you been wanting to purchase that dream car for ages but have never been able to save up enough to make that dream a reality? There are a number of situations in life where you might feel the need for cash in hand, and often times people just have to turn to difficult, time consuming ways to collect that cash before they can work on their goals. However, if you have recently been awarded a structured settlement as a result of a lawsuit or lottery winnings and are receiving your payments in th

Have an Immediate Financial Need? Sell Annuity Payments for Cash up Front

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Cash in structured settlement payments

Have you recently won the lottery or have been awarded financially as a result of winning a lawsuit? If the answer is yes, it is extremely likely that you received your payment in the form of an annuity. Typically, this type of payment works in a certain way — you receive a certain amount of money at regular intervals till the entire due amount has been paid to you. While this might make sense for some people and for certain circumstances, you might be in a situation where this kind of payment system does not seem feasible to you. Rather, you would be in a better position if you receive your entire payment at one go.

If you have recentl

Top 5 Reasons to Outsource Your Payroll

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Small business payroll service

Anyone who had ever managed payroll knows there is a lot more to than cutting cheques each week. This is one of the reasons many small businesses use an outsource payroll services company. This can be especially important if they operate in both the Canada and United States. The laws that govern employment and taxes are completely different in the two countries. If a business wants to hire a Canadian worker, they need to be well versed in Canadian tax and employment law. Failing to do so can hive dire consequences. This is another reason small businesses that operate in both nations seek out payroll solutions that involve outsourcing.

Top Reasons for Outsourcing Payroll Services

5 Kinds of REITs and How to Invest in Them

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How to invest in a reit

What is an REIT?
REIT stands for Real Estate Investment Trust. These are a main consideration when it comes to equity or creating a fixed income portfolio. They typical own or manage some sort of commercial real estate property that is producing income. There are several types of REITs which we will go a little deeper in to later.

Why Invest in REITs>
Why invest in REITs? Well, for one, they look good because they offer higher diversity as well as better turns and possibly a lower risk factor. They are also a good counterbalance to stocks, bonds and cash. This is because they can genera