4 Ways to Catch the Eyes of Customers Through Signage

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Acrylic display stands

Every store uses signs to catch the attention of customers. Statistics show that 82% of customer make shopping decisions while inside of a store. It’s important you utilize signage in a way that increases the revenue of your business, further driving sales. Here are four great ways for implement signage that catches the eyes of customers.

  1. Brightly Colored Sale Signs

    You’ll want to ensure customers are always informed of a current sale. Many businesses use brightly colored sale signs to catch the eyes of every customer. It’s wise to ensure you purchase metal sign stands to keep these materials safe. You’ll often see metal sign stands used in the field of reality to list homes that are for sale.
  2. Window Displays

    Many businesses are located near busy walkways. It’s common for a business to feature window signs that are made to draw customers inside its doors. You’ll want to ensure you have a window sign holder on hand to keep this form of signage safe.
  3. Suction Cup Signs

    Using suction cup signs are great ways to change up the signage in your store. Suction cup signs are easy to implement and take down. All workers will be able to switch out signs without having to call for outside help.
  4. Mounted Flyers

    Statistics show that between six to ten purchases inside of a supermarket are impulse buys. It’s important to create opportunities for these purchases through mounted flyers. You can use these flyers to direct a customers attention to a certain area of a supermarket. It’s common to use mounted flyers to inform customers about a current sale. You’ll want to ensure you have plenty of mounted flyer holders to keep these displays secure.

In summary, there are several ways to update the signage within your supermarket. A 2014 study by Mass Merchant found that 16% of impulse purchases were bought because of a display. Brightly colored signs are important to catch the eyes of customers. Ensuring you have enough metal sign stands on hand is wise to keep these advertising materials safe. Window displays work especially well for supermarkets with large amounts of foot traffic. Suction cup signs are a fun and creative form of signage. Mounted flyers work well to inform a customer of current sales without them having to wait by the mailbox. Working with a professional sign company creates new opportunities for increased supermarket revenue.