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So I’ve Won the Lottery — Now What

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Can i sell my annuity

Day after day, American hopefuls visit their local convenience stores, meager dollars and change in hand, looking to change their lives by purchasing a lottery ticket. Indeed, winning the lottery is certainly the American dream. And while winning $5 here and there on a scratch-off is fun, most of us rarely know the glory of striking it big time and winning millions.
But what if it happened to you? What if you won the lottery and hit it big time? While many of us dream of having that winning ticket in hand, it’s hardly common knowledge knowing what to do next — and those first few steps are the most crucial of all.
But before you spiral into a hypothetical panic, sit back, relax, and read these steps for what to do if you win the lottery.

  1. Don’t tell anyone.

While yo

Why Selling Your Structured Settlement May Be Right For You

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Sell your structured settlements

When it comes time to payout lottery winnings, you’ll find that the governments and companies that run these lotteries prefer to do things their own way. That isn’t to say that there aren’t some industry standards, though. For example, just about any winnings you earn likely won’t be paid to you in one lump sum. It will instead be transferred to you via piecemeal payments known as “annuity.”

Most annuities are paid out over a long term basis. Two of the most common forms of annuity favored today are the 25-year term, which pays the awarded amount to the winner over the course of a quarter-century, and the “until death” term, which is exactly what it sou

Present and Fast Annuities

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Settlement cash now

A typical annuity settlement comes slowly over time. This might seem like a good thing but life rarely waits. While a steady sum may build up over years, it isn’t always enough to handle situations that arise quickly and can spiral out of control. Annuity fees over a given year can be 3%, after all. This can seriously limit the amount of received money, whether from a lawsuit or lottery winnings. Sometimes selling an annuity settlement to receive an immediate lump sum is the best course of action. It just depends on the specific situation.
Medical Debt
Often times medical bills can pile up, especially for families or those with disabilties. Overdue medical bills seriously damage up to 20% of credit reports, many of whi

Cash in on Your Settlement Now — Pre Settlement Loan Rates and How You Can Get Money up Front

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Get cash now from settlement

If you have been recently awarded a monetary settlement as a fallout of a lawsuit, or have just won the lottery, you would be no stranger to the concept of a structured settlement. Also known as an annuity settlement, these do not provide you with your total award at one go. Rather, these provide monthly payments, typically over the period of many years. While these might make sense to some people, there can very well be cases where you have run into a financial difficulty of some sort and need a lump among of cash immediately. Financial emergencies can happen all the time, and the need for cash might crop up, catch you unawares and take you by surprise. Fortunately, if you are currently i

How Would You Invest Your Money?

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Living expenses

Do you have a dream? Do you want to live debt free, afford your dream house, buy a luxury car, pay for college, or start a business that will take the world by storm? Or do you just feel that you need extra cash on hand for all kinds of emergencies? If you are receiving annual payments as part of a structured settlement, you may be able to get cash for an annuity now. With your money in hand, you can make the positive changes your life needs.

Cash for medical expenses
The average American household is not doing so well in financial terms. In the past 12 years, the cost of living has gone up by 29% while household income has only increased by 26% in the same period. Consequen

What Would You Do If You Took a Lump Sum for Your Annuity Settlement?

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Get cash for settlements

It is fun to have the opportunity to make a decision between two good options. Making the choice between a structured settlement or a lump sum payment is one of those times. While both options mean that the person making the decision is the recipient of a fairly large amount of money that they have received from a lottery payout or some kind of court settlement, the decision about what to do with that money can seem challenging.
A February 2017 article in The New York Times Magazine indicated that for the first time in history major corporations are holding large amounts of cash. The amount that the article indicated was being stashed away was nearly $2 trillion. The writer went on to say that both economists and historians are puzzled about why, for the first time in history, these large c