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Have an Immediate Financial Need? Sell Annuity Payments for Cash up Front

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Cash in structured settlement payments

Have you recently won the lottery or have been awarded financially as a result of winning a lawsuit? If the answer is yes, it is extremely likely that you received your payment in the form of an annuity. Typically, this type of payment works in a certain way — you receive a certain amount of money at regular intervals till the entire due amount has been paid to you. While this might make sense for some people and for certain circumstances, you might be in a situation where this kind of payment system does not seem feasible to you. Rather, you would be in a better position if you receive your entire payment at one go.

If you have recentl

Top 5 Reasons to Outsource Your Payroll

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Small business payroll service

Anyone who had ever managed payroll knows there is a lot more to than cutting cheques each week. This is one of the reasons many small businesses use an outsource payroll services company. This can be especially important if they operate in both the Canada and United States. The laws that govern employment and taxes are completely different in the two countries. If a business wants to hire a Canadian worker, they need to be well versed in Canadian tax and employment law. Failing to do so can hive dire consequences. This is another reason small businesses that operate in both nations seek out payroll solutions that involve outsourcing.

Top Reasons for Outsourcing Payroll Services

5 Kinds of REITs and How to Invest in Them

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How to invest in a reit

What is an REIT?
REIT stands for Real Estate Investment Trust. These are a main consideration when it comes to equity or creating a fixed income portfolio. They typical own or manage some sort of commercial real estate property that is producing income. There are several types of REITs which we will go a little deeper in to later.

Why Invest in REITs>
Why invest in REITs? Well, for one, they look good because they offer higher diversity as well as better turns and possibly a lower risk factor. They are also a good counterbalance to stocks, bonds and cash. This is because they can genera

3 Important Things to Keep in Mind When Commissioning a Business Valuation Company

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Business valuation tools

Companies used to be able to turn to accounting firms or other financial institutions to have a business valuation calculated. It only made sense that these number-savvy individuals who spend much of their workday analyzing financial data would be a good resource for a business valuation service. As with most aspects of business, however, specialization has replaced these old financial wizards with specialized business valuation companies. For a business valuation you can trust, it’s always best to consult an expert in the field. The tricky part is: How do you choose among them?

When it comes

Top 5 Reasons to Sell an Annuity

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Paying off your debt fast

If he were alive, your husband would be at the “eligible for Medicare” stage of life according to the letters you received in the mail today. Completely absurd. Instead of being eligible for a Medicare, your husband died nearly seven years ago. Besides the fact that he never even lived in the house where you currently reside, you have sent made numerous phone calls to get his name off the lists of people who continue send him mail. Additionally, your husband is still getting alumni mailings from the midwestern university that he attended. You are pretty sure you have notified them once or twice that his name needs to be removed from these lists. you cannot make this stuff up!
You receive constant reminders of the fact that your husband is no longer living. In addition to the emotional reminders y

Pre Settlement Loans What You Don’t Know

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Structured settlement annuity

Each year, thousands of people find themselves the recipients of settlements. There are a number of reasons why people end up as the recipients of settlements. Commonly, those receiving settlements are people who have pursued personal injury lawsuits. Perhaps your doctor committed medical malpractice; perhaps you were hurt on the job, or the victim of workplace misconduct. Some of the recent lawsuits seen in the news involve sexual harassment, and even whistleblower retaliation. No matter what the lawsuit, the chances of them ending in a settlement are fairly high. What many don’t know is that you have many different options prior to actually receiving your settlement. One of these possible options is the pre settlement loan. The fact is that there are many pre settlement loan benefits,

Increase Cash Flow with Cheque Scanners and Cash Counters

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Coin sorter and counter

As the saying goes, “cash is king.” Nowhere is this more true than in the realm of businesses, small and large. Strong cash flow, or the difference in your company’s cash in versus cash out, is integral to any successful business. But improving that cash flow isn’t always easy. A large part of the challenge lies in currency itself and the inherent challenges handling it presents.

From counting to sorting to processing, the receipt of cash and cheque payments is time consuming and risky. Employees must spend valuable hours counting and re-counting and re-counting again any cash that comes in to ensure accuracy. Cheques must be verified, prepared for deposit, and taken to the bank. With every currency and cheque interaction there is the increased risk of fraud.

Money counterfeiting remains on

Improve Your Bottom Line with a Currency Counting Machine

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Cash recycling machines

Does your business deal with a lot of cash? Do you allow your customers to pay with a cheque or check? If you can answer those questions in the affirmative, you may want co consider getting a cash recycler machine. There are a few ways having one will help improve your bottom line and make your business experience better.

How Using a Money Counter Can Help Your Business:

Using a currency counter machine will save you and your staff time. Everyone has heard the phrase, “time is money.” Having your staff count money by hand is an amazingly time consuming process. In the first place, it takes a long time for people

Tips to Get the Business Valuation Report that You Need

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Business comps

So you need to do an analysis of your business. Maybe you are interested in getting a business valuation report. Why do you need this? Many first time business owners are surprised when they first learn that the reasons for having a business appraisal valuation done actually impact the results they receive but they do. This is because, at the end of the day, the small business valuations are not absolute in nature. There is no exact science governing how they are calculated.

The business valuation report will contain information about the reasons for requesting that report and the circumstances that surround the request. These two variables contribute to the premise and standard of value.

The 5 Steps of Business Valuation

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Valuation market approach

In the United States, there are 26.5 million businesses, 5.4 firms with employees, and 21.1 million firms without employees. So, this basically means businesses are everywhere! An important task for a business owner is to determine the value of their business. There are five steps of business valuation, and they are each explained below.

1. Planning and Preparation

Just like running a business takes an organized effort, effective business valuation requires diligence and attention to detail. The two key starting points for establishing your business worth are:

  • determining why you need business valuation
  • assembling all of the required information.

The most important thing to take from this is the fact that your Continue Reading