Family Budget Friendly Vacation Ideas

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Americans are still lagging in the paid vacation days department. In fact, we are so far behind the numbers of other developed nations, it is borderline criminal. For example, workers in France are required to receive 30 paid vacation days per annum. Conversely, American workers are not required to receive any paid vacation days (we are the only nation out of the 21 developed nations surveyed that do not require time off).

It gets worse, though. The average number of vacation days that American workers get after one year on the job is a measly eight. Before we all consider moving to Austria or Portugal (they lead the world in days off required by law with a whopping 35 days), chew on this: regardless of the embarrassingly low the number of paid vacation days Americans get, we are not taking them anyway. According to a Harris Interactive poll, 57 percent of American workers have unused vacation time at the end of the year.

What if you are one of the few Americans who longs for days spent at the beach but perhaps do not have the cash to make it a reality? Well, you are in luck because you do not have to break the bank for a little summer getaway. Below, I have compiled a list of budget ideas for families including family vacation ideas on a budget.

The first few budget ideas for families to consider is whether or not your family budgets for vacation. One of the easiest and most painless ways to alter your family budget is to set up an automatic transfer. My husband and I forgo iced lattes and automatically have $5 per day ($35 per week) transferred into our travel fund. Between the two of us, we save nearly $300 each month! Even if you can only save $2 each day, it is a start!

Other budget ideas for families involves doing a little research. If you absolutely can not get out of town, your city is likely bustling with free budget ideas for families! For example, New York City (which is one of the most expensive cities in the nation) has loads of family budget ideas that are free. Shakespeare in the Park, The Highline, the NY Botanical Garden, just to name a few, are all free!

The next few budget ideas for families are going to rock your world. Skip the hotel chains (you will get a better deal from a boutique hotel), and begin watching airfares online early. Google Flights, for example, will show you the cheapest flights from your hometown airport to anywhere in the world. Basically, the internet is your best friend when searching for budget ideas for families.

Last but not least, be flexible and creative with your budget ideas for families. If you can not afford airfare, consider places you can drive to in a day. I could give you all of the budget ideas for families in the world, but if you are not willing to be strategic with how you spend your vacation cash, you will likely just end up staying at home!