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Why am I Calculating the Worth of My Business?

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Valuation tool

For most small business owners, calculating the worth of my business is a common concern. Knowing how to determine business valuation is essential when pursuing funding, as well as when presenting your business to others. Down downplaying the magnitude of your operational requirements to be balanced with providing an honest assessment. It’s a delicate balance that can change with little warning depending on sales, opportunity, patents, investors, and more. There are a wide variety of market factors that can directly impact business.

When determining the value of business, there are two key starting points for all business owners to consider. The first is learning why you need a business valuation, and the second is assembling all the required information to create that assessment. How you determine your c

How to Increase Efficiency With Cash Counters

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Check cheque

You’ve seen them in a very specific place, perhaps late in the afternoon when you need caffeine to make it through a long day, or early on when a quick candy bar will get you to lunch: They’re vending machines and they all have a particular bit of technology that enables quick and easy transactions. It’s a currency money machine and they can increase efficiency, accuracy, and security when handling cash transactions.

The definition of a currency money machine is fairly straightforward. It is a machine that counts money, whether banknotes or loose collections of coins. They’re present in some businesses, some modern automated teller machines, and even for purchase in some retail outlets for the purpose of counting coins.

Some benefits you might see in the application of a currency money machine include:

Selling Your Structured Settlement Payments

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Direct funding source for structured settlements

Many people dream of winning the lottery. It is what makes people stop by the local convenience store on the way home from work to purchase a lottery ticket. It is what makes them tune into the channel, awaiting the numbers to be read. It is also what encourages us to stop and read the story about the person who did actually win, and how their life will be changed. However, you rarely see news about the big lottery winner, months or years after they have won the lottery. In fact, many of these lottery winner lives have not been changed, because they have online increased their monthly income.

Most lottery payouts occur in a structured settlement form. This means that the lottery winner will receive their lottery winning over many years. The exact amount of years usually d

You Can Find a Great Commercial Real Estate Deal with These Tips

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Real estate investing

Are you thinking about investing in commercial real estate? There certainly are a number of very good reasons to look to opportunities for buying commercial real estate. There are also things you can do to make the process easier and less stressful. Douglas E Fleit has the following tips for people who want to make the plunge and start investing in commercial real estate.

  1. Learn the lingo. All industries have their own terms and general vernacular. This is part of the learning curve when you start working in a new field. You will have to look to experts at Continue Reading

Hard Money Loans Make For High Quality Deals

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Commercial property investing

Many private investors in the housing market today are looking to get into the fix it and flip it game. There’s a lot of money to be made in that arena. No doubt about it. But if you are new to this type of real estate practice, you want to make sure that you have your financing in place in such a was as to be a benefit to you and not a liability.

If you are purchasing a property to flip, the chances are it is going to need a good bit of renovating. Sometimes the more renovation required the more profit you can expect in the end. Renovation financing comes in many different forms and can sometimes be a little tricky to navigate. Hard money loans for real estate investors can be exactly what you need when it comes to flipping homes.

Hard money loans are asset-based loans where you receive the f

An Overview of the Three Business Valuation Approaches

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Business comps

What’s a comps valuation? Basically, a comps valuation is a process for determine the worth of a business. Sometimes, a small business comps valuation is used for determining the selling price of a business that will continue to operate under new leadership. Sometimes, comps valuation is used to determine how much of the business’s debt can be satisfied if the assets are liquidated in bankruptcy. Sometimes comps valuation is useful for determining the stock value when raising capital in exchange for equity in the business.

Just as the purpose for Continue Reading

How to Determine an Honest Business Valuation for Your Company

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If you are wondering ‘what is my business worth?’ then it might be time to take a look at your profits and debt or conduct a small business valuation model in order to determine your worth overall. You don’t need to be looking into this only if you want to sell. It’s good to know how much your business is worth simplyfrom the standpoint of having the knowledge and assurance that your work is progressing.

Too many businesses are bought and sold without really getting down to the nitty-gritty of the facts. Asking “what is my business worth?” is a very smart t

How Selling Your Structured Payments Can Improve Your Financial Future

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I settlements

Generations today are focused more on financial freedom. They are brought up to plan for the future, but to enjoy the present. This leads to a generation of people who want to be financially secure, but also want to travel and see the world. Too many Americans are prevented a secure financial future and the freedom to travel because of excessive debt. Even those with lottery winnings and lawsuit settlements find retirement planning and travel to be difficult. This is because these lawsuits and lottery winnings are generally set up in some type of a structured settlement. They winner will receive smaller, monthly payment in lieu of all of their money at once. Fortunately, these individuals have the option to sell their structured settlements for cash.

The Mega Millions annuity, for example, is paid out as on

Do You Want a Lump Sum Payment or to Keep Your Annuity? Here Are 5 Tips to Help You Decide

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Sell fixed annuity

Most people dream of winning the lottery or a big lawsuit. When you win a big lottery, like the Mega Millions jackpot, you get one large check and then yearly payments for 29 years. Each payment is more than the one that preceded it by about 5%. Every year, more than 37,000 Americans get money from structured settlements. Many people sell their structured settlement to get their cash sooner than later. Of the people who choose to sell, more than 90% are happy with that decision. Other people like the security of having a guaranteed income for years to come. Deciding between lump sum and annuity is a big and difficult decision. Here are some tips to help you make that decision.

There are pros and cons to selling an annuity settlement or selling lottery payments. There are also pros and cons to rece

Need Urgent Cash? Sell a Portion of Your Annuity Payments to the Right Company

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Selling an annuity settlement

Have you always wanted to start your very own business, but have never been able to get your grand idea off the ground because you did not have the initial seed money? Have you need in debt for a while and are looking for a way to pay off your dues and get your credit rating back to where it should be? Have you been wanting to purchase that dream car for ages but have never been able to save up enough to make that dream a reality? There are a number of situations in life where you might feel the need for cash in hand, and often times people just have to turn to difficult, time consuming ways to collect that cash before they can work on their goals. However, if you have recently been awarded a structured settlement as a result of a lawsuit or lottery winnings and are receiving your payments in th